Pleated & Cellular Shades

Shade-O-Matic Lasting Impressions® Pleated Shades offer an excellent form of window covering, providing light, privacy and sun control. ​Crisp pleated fabrics in the latest fashion forward colours are an excellent addition to any room in a home. Lasting Impressions® Pleated Shades are designed to be functional as they are beautiful and heighten the style and sophistication of any room.

  • Two pleat sizes are available:
  • 1 inch Pleat works well with small to midsize windows
  • 1 7/8” Grand Pleat is suitable for mid-size to large windows
  • Optional Blackout Liners helps keep the light out and provides    additional privacy.
  • Optional Continuous Cord Loop System easily lifts the shade and        stops it exactly where you want.
  • Top Down / Bottom Up – Shade lowers from the top down and also     the conventional way, from the bottom up.
  • Two-on-one Headrail – This specialty shade provides the    appearance of a single shade, with two blinds operating  independently.

Our superior selection of fabrics provide lasting beauty, elegance and sophistication all in one. They transform light to fill a room with a warm, luminous glow.

  • Made of smooth woven polyester, our fabrics are extremely durable,  anti-static and repel dust.
  • Available in sheer, semi-sheer, translucent and room darkening.
  • Double cell shades available in 1/2″.
  • Hi-Rise System – The continuous cord loop system.
  • Cordless shades – This optional feature has a hidden control system  which enables shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch  of a finger.
  • Child Safety Kit – Every blind comes with a cord cleat and screw  which can be installed on the wall to prevent puddling cords.
  • Cellular construction provides energy efficient insulation and blocks  up to 99% of harmful UV rays, with most of our fabrics.
  • Cellular Vertical Application – available in ¾” single cell fabrics.