Woodalloy Shutters

Grandeur® Woodalloy Shutters offer a leading edge design. Using advanced engineered technology, they offer the look of real wood, providing you with consistent uniform color.

  • Scratch resistant and offer outstanding performance with superior durability and strength.
  • The possibilities are endless with a diverse array of louver sizes, panel configurations, frame styles and color selections.
  •  The textural quality on the Wood Tone colors creates a sense of   depth, providing a beautiful wood look that will blend with today’s fine furniture.
  • Maintenance Free
    Our state-of-the-art NuTech finish is smooth to the touch and protects Grandeur® Woodalloy Shutters from common spills, making cleanup a breeze.
  • To thoroughly clean the louvers, tilt them almost all they way down   and wipe them off. Then tilt them almost all the way up and clean   the  other side.
  • Shade-O-Matic’s Grandeur® Woodalloy Shutters are an excellent   way to improve the thermal efficiency of your windows.
  • Installation
    The enhanced design has improved the installation process. With each opening, you will receive all hinges and mounting screws, Hoffman keys and your choice of panel configurations.